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Leadership and Professional Development Committee

The goal of this committee is to promote and support professional development and leadership opportunities to improve the skills of state oral health directors and staff in essential public health services. It oversees ASTDD orientation, mentoring and leadership institute activities, and creates other learning opportunities such as workshops and webcasts. The committee uses a consultant to coordinate overall committee activities, a consultant to coordinate the mentoring program, and creates ad-hoc workgroups to accomplish objectives. The committee interfaces with many partner organizations in collaborative efforts.

ASTDD is committed to promoting and helping to support state and territorial dental directors' pursuit of knowledge and skill to foster excellence in oral health program leadership. ASTDD has a long history of providing informal peer support as well as professional development through an annual meeting for its members. To better meet member's needs to enhance their programmatic and leadership skills, ASTDD decided in 2001 to formalize its peer mentoring efforts and broaden professional development offerings. With funding from the HRSA cooperative agreement, ASTDD formed a Leadership Development Committee and developed a Leadership Initiative 3-year Plan. In October 2005, the Leadership Committee was reduced in size and met in Arizona to review progress and accomplishments on the 2002-05 Plan and to develop a new 2006-08 Leadership Initiative Plan.

Major areas of focus for ASTDD Leadership efforts continue to be:

Mentoring Program

  • New Member ASTDD orientation: new members should contact the ASTDDD Central Office to obtain an overview of ASTDD.  Mentors will be assigned to new members to assist in orientation to state oral health programs and ASTDD.
  • Mentoring for new dental directors includes an overview of the mentoring program, resource materials, how to request a mentor, and comments from dental directors who have been through the mentoring program. The mentoring program is only available to ASTDD state/territorial dental directors.
  • Advanced mentoring is an opportunity for dental directors who have been in their positions for at least two years to receive mentoring around specific negotiated areas from another current or previous dental director; includes the process and form for requesting advanced mentoring.

Workforce Issues

Professional Development

Appendix A Directions on how to use the following tools
- Appendix B Abbreviated State Program Assesment
- Appendix C SOHP Individual Competency Asessment
- Appendix D State Oral Health Program Competency Assessment
- Appendix E Guidelines Assessment based on the 10 Essential Public Health Services

Technical assistance is available for a competency assessment. Contact Dr. Reg Louis 510-583-8120.

Leadership Development

  • ASTDD Board of Directors Leadership Training: Board of Directors members have participated in Board development sessions via teleconferences and meetings since 2004
  • APHA Knutson Award for Distinguished service in Dental Public Health: The APHA Oral Health Section presents this award each year and the remarks by the recipient are published in the Journal of Public Health Dentistry. Learn about the many heroes and leaders in dental public health! This is a great history lesson.