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Dental Public Health Activities: Descriptive Summaries

Utah Oral Health Summits- Archived Summary

Practice Number: 50004
Submitted By: Utah Department of Health, Utah Oral Health Program
Submission Date: January 2005
Last Reviewed: January 2005
Last Updated: January 2005
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As part of the Utah Oral Health Initiative (UOHI), the Utah Department of Health (UDOH) Oral Health Program (OHP) convened the Utah Oral Health Summit meeting in Salt Lake City on October 27, 2000. The goal of the Summit was to develop and come to consensus on short-term strategies and a long-term work plan in order to improve oral health status among Utah residents. The major objectives of the Summit were to: (1) broaden the ownership for oral health improvement in the state and increase awareness of the scope of oral health problems; (2) discuss and develop prevention and access strategies that will improve oral health in Utah; and (3) discuss and develop strategies which enhance the coordination, distribution or replication of successful efforts which improve access to oral health services as well as prevention of oral disease. The objectives for the Summit were met. In order to be responsive to the significant work accomplished at the Summit, the Utah Oral Health Summit Planning Committee and the OHP made the following efforts:

1. Disseminated the Oral Health Summit Proceedings ( across the state & posted on the UDOH Web site;

2. Met with UDOH Administration and Division of Health Care Financing Director to discuss Summit outcomes/findings particularly in regard to Medicaid and CHIP;

3. Convened the Summit Planning Committee to develop and facilitate workgroups;

4. Convened three workgroups to prioritize strategies and develop recommendations for implementation of strategies for (a) Policy and Funding, (b) Prevention and Education, and (c) Access;

5. Established a Utah Oral Health Listserv to facilitate ongoing discussion and sharing among stakeholders and interested parties; and

6. Convened a follow-up Summit in 2001 to assess progress and plan for future activity.

The three workgroups accomplished the tasks of prioritizing the strategies put forth at the 2000 Summit and prepared recommendations as to how the strategies might be implemented. The Utah Oral Health Summit II in 2001 provided an opportunity to discuss the workgroups' recommendations. The Utah Oral Health Coalition was established to take the next steps in attaining the goal set at the 2000 Summit to improve the oral health status of Utah residents. A third summit, Utah Oral Health Summit III was held in September 2002. Dr. James Crall delivered the Keynote Presentation and educational breakout sessions included: Educating Non-dental Health Care Providers; The First Dental Exam/Children with Special Health Care Needs; Coordinated Volunteer Systems and; Benefits of Fluoride and Community Water Fluoridation. In June 2003, the Utah Oral Health Coalition Steering Committee held a retreat to review accomplishments and prioritize short term and long term goals and objectives. Activities were evaluated and workgroups were restructured based on prioritized goals and objectives. A significant outcome of the Summits is the implementation and ongoing activities of the Utah Oral Health Coalition, which continues to grow making it possible to successfully increase awareness of and address a wide range of oral health issues in Utah.

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