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Dental Public Health Activities: Descriptive Summaries

Early Dental Disease Prevention Initiative (EDDPI)

Practice Number: 26007
Submitted By: Minnesota Department of Health, State Oral Health Program
Submission Date: November 2017
Last Reviewed: November 2017
Last Updated: November 2017
Best Practice Approach Example -

The Early Dental Disease Prevention Initiative (EDDPI) became official legislation in 2015. It is a statewide initiative to increase awareness of the importance of early preventive dental intervention for infants and toddlers. EDDPI is based on the assumption that Medicaid eligible infants and toddlers visit Child and Teen Checkup (C&TC) clinics more frequently and regularly than they visit dental clinics. Therefore, EDDPI provides early and culturally competent Prenatal to Three Anticipatory Guidance based on a simple standard of pediatric oral health care; risk assessment, anticipatory guidance and referral to a dental home. EDDPI in conjunction with fluoride varnish application collectively constitutes the dental component of C&TC checkups. Professionals, both dental and non-dental, need to begin to understand the importance of achieving and maintaining good oral health as an integral part of total health in order to address the emerging oral health crisis. To prepare for these changes, dentists and the providers with whom they collaborate will need to know how to best serve their multi-ethnic patients using low literacy educational tools and practice applying their knowledge in the community.

Lessons Learned:

A statewide coordinated approach to prevent early dental disease can bring together multiple community-based organizations to create a collective impact. This approach reduces redundancy and increases efficiency to provide education and oral hygiene supplies equitably.

A legislative commitment to prevent early dental disease is a great way to make prevention a sustainable model in any state.

Additional funding is required to meet the needs of oral hygiene supplies for infants and toddlers.

Contact Person(s) for Inquiries:

Prasida Khanal, BDS, MPH, State Oral Health Director, Minnesota Department of Health, P.O. Box 64882, 85 East Seventh Place, Suite 220, St. Paul, MN, 55164, Phone: 651-201-3538, Email: