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Dental Clinics

Community-based dental clinics serve an important function as primary care safety net clinics for those who fall through or chose not to receive care in the private sector or other clinical settings where oral health care is delivered. Clinics receive funding from a variety of sources and operate under many arrangements; some are stand alone dental clinics, while others are co-located with or are an integral part of community health centers or other community-based programs.


HRSA Bureau of Primary Health Care (BPHC)

The Community Health Center (CHC) Program under BPHC is a Federal grant program funded under Section 330 of the Public Health Service Act to provide for primary and preventive health care services in medically-underserved areas throughout the U.S. and its territories. BPHC provides an annual oral health conference, the National Primary Oral Health Care Conference. Their website links to state primary care offices and primary care associations.

Safety Net Dental Clinic Manual

An online manual for organizations that want to consider starting a dental clinic or for those who want to improve or expand their dental programs.

Continuing Education Credits Online
Staff from Ohio Safety Net Dental Clinics (, have developed distance learning curricula that offer continuing education (CE) credits. Two CE credits will be awarded in partnership with Lutheran Medical Center, an American Dental Association Continuing Education Recognition Program provider, upon successful completion the curriculum. This program was facilitated by the National Network for Oral Health Access, a nationwide network of health center oral health providers.  There is no charge for CE credits.

Support for the curricula was provided by the Bureau of Health Professions (grant number T12HP10684), Health Resources and Services Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to the Ohio Department of Health, Oral Health Section.

Caries Prevention, Risk Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment (2 credits)
Developed for clinicians working in safety net dental clinics. The modules provide a framework for assessing patients’ risk for dental caries and determining prevention, treatment, and education strategies based on that patient’s risk category. The modules also include information about dental caries prevention, examination, restorative treatment, and recall intervals..

The National Network for Oral Health Access

The National Network for Oral Health Accessis a nationwide network of dental providers who care for patients in Migrant, Homeless and Community Health Centers. To learn more about the organization and their resources, visit the website at

Volunteers in Health Care

Volunteers in Health Care produced a number of resources for community based oral health programs, including dental clinics that are available on their website at