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Fluoridation and Fluorides Committee

The committee assures that ASTDD positions and policies are presented in all appropriate venues and oversees all activities that the association may be involved in regarding fluorides, including the fluoride awards at the annual meeting.

ASTDD Fluoride Resources

  • Compendium of ASTDD Fluoridation and Fluorides Resources (March 2018)
  • Community Water Fluoridation, Best Websites for Scientific Evidence (January 2018)
  • Fluoride Varnish Program Report and Fluoride Varnish Program Catalog - The Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors (ASTDD) is pleased to share the results of the survey of the  school-based fluoride varnish programs (children 6-17 years old) operating in the U.S in 2015-2016. In addition to the description of the survey, we were able to create a catalog of fluoride varnish programs by state. We found that responders defined fluoride varnish programs differently and we were not able to clearly identify programs that offered only fluoride varnish. We also identified states that did not answer in the affirmative while incorporate fluoride varnish into existing school-based programming. The number of programs and contacts may have changed since the survey was conducted. Please send any additions, corrections or other clarifications directly to our consultant, LeeAnn HoaglinCooper.  The complete survey questions and responses are available to ASTDD members in the Members Only section of the ASTDD website.  (October 2017)

Other Organizations - General Fluoride Information

Other Organizations' Policy Statements on Fluoride

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