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Dental Public Health Policy Committee

ASTDD develops and adopts a variety of documents to reflect the Association's priorities and stance on dental public health issues.

Committee Members
Committee Logic Model
Committee Work Plan
2023 Dental Public Health Policy Committee Annual Report
Compendium of ASTDD Dental Public Health Resource Documents for State Oral Health Programs (April 2023)


Dental Public Health Policy Statement - A Policy Statement provides detailed background information and analysis of a broad policy-related issue through documenting and summarizing key findings and implications of appropriate evidence-based research and best practices, and may offer a statement of support and or recommendations for a course of action.

Issue Brief - An issue brief is a summary that outlines and discusses key findings, implications or significance, and programmatic considerations of a specific dental public health issue. It is usually longer and explores an issue in greater depth than a policy statement.

Using Oral Health Data to inform Decisions and Policy Development: The Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors developed this resource to provide tips for the use and presentation of complex oral health data so that the information is understandable and meaningful for a non-dental audience. It also provides a list of resources ranging from a communications toolkit to developing a "plain English" document. (March 2019)

Dental Public Health Policy Statements

*Archived documents are available for reading but they will not be updated.

Issue Briefs

*Archived documents are available for reading but they will not be updated.

Association of State and Territorial Health Officials

  • ASTHO Oral Health Policy Statement - ASTHO identifies oral health as a priority and supports integrated and adequately resourced state and territorial oral health programs to improve health, eliminate disparities, and reduce costs.
  • ASTHO Oral Health White Paper - This white paper is a companion to ASTHO's Oral Health Policy Statement and provides additional background and evidence on oral health.