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ASTDD Emergency Preparedness Manual

Emergency Preparedness Protocols Manual

This includes the text of the manual. (pdf)

Appendix A.

Checklist of Essential Documents (WORD template)

Appendix B.

Key Stakeholders in Preparedness Planning Worksheet (WORD template)

Appendix C.

Preparing a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) (WORD template)

Appendix D.

Personal Preparedness (WORD.doc)

Appendix E.

Pack-and-Go (WORD.doc)

Appendix F.

Office Inventory (WORD template)

Appendix G.

State All-Hazard Emergency Operations Plan (WORD template)

Appendix H.

ARF – Action Request Form for Federal Assistance (pdf)

Appendix I.

Glossary – Definition of Terms & Acronyms (pdf)

Appendix J.

Resources (pdf)

Appendix K.

Cases and Lessons Learned (pdf)