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Perinatal Oral Health Committee

This committee will serve as a focal point for issues and resources for state oral health programs relating to pregnancy and early childhood programs, policies, and materials.


Give You and Your Baby A Lifetime Of Healthy Teeth A look at the new perinatal oral health educational module available through Join Reg Louie, ASTDD Perinatal Oral Health Committee consultant, Emily Norrix, Michigan Perinatal Oral Health Consultant, Katrina Holt from the Oral Health Resource Center and Bob Bensley from to take a look at the newly developed, free perinatal oral health module entitled, "Give You and Your Baby A Lifetime Of Healthy Teeth." Lear what does, how the new module works and what it looks like, as well as how to advocate for this module to be chosen in your state.  (March 2017)
PowerPoint slides (includes link to preview lesson and WIC contact information not originally included in recorded session).

Staff from Ohio Safety Net Dental Clinics (, have developed distance learning curricula that offer continuing education (CE) credits. Two CE credits will be awarded in partnership with Lutheran Medical Center, an American Dental Association Continuing Education Recognition Program provider, upon successful completion the curriculum. This program was facilitated by the National Network for Oral Health Access, a nationwide network of health center oral health providers.  There is no charge for CE credits.Funding for the development of the curriculum was provided by the Anthem Foundation of Ohio, a supporting organization of the Great Cincinnati Foundation.

Oral Health Care for Young Children (2 credits)
Designed to help clinicians learn about providing care to infants and children from birth through age 3. The modules provide clinicians with information about prevention, risk assessment, and anticipatory guidance. Also included is guidance on how to manage children's behavior, with information on expectations, parental involvement, and helpful techniques. Providing restorative treatment is covered, with an emphasis on decision-making, positioning, restoration options, and alternatives to restoration. Finally, the modules address the management of emergency oral health care.

The American Academy of Pediatrics hosted a webinar on June 3, 2013 entitled; Working Together to Promote Oral Health Care for Pregnant Women, to discuss the importance of collaboration among health professionals to ensure that the oral health needs of pregnant women are met.
Webinar Slide Set
List of Additional Resources

Perinatal Oral Health (July 2012) ASTDD Policy Statement

Perinatal Oral Health Program website Univ of NC Chapel Hill, Departments of Pediatric Dentistry and Pediatrics
The goal of this program/website is to improve the health of every woman, fetus and child by engaging health care providers to deliver essential preventive oral health services during pregnancy. (June 2013)

Improving the Oral Health of Pregnant Women and Young Children: Opportunities for Policymakers
Issue brief from the National Maternal and Child Health Oral Health Policy Center (August 2012)

Oral Health Care During Pregnancy: A National Consensus Statement (September 2012)
Summary of an expert workgroup meeting held on October 18. 2011. The document provides guidance on oral health care for pregnant women for both prenatal care health professionals and oral health professionals, pharmacological considerations for pregnant women, and guidance for health professionals to share with pregnant women.

MCHOHRC Knowledge path about oral health for infants, children, adolescents, and pregnant women.

Improving Access to Perinatal Oral Health Care: Strategies and Considerations, a CDHP-NIHCM Dental Perinatal Oral Health Issue Brief

TrendNotes*, published by the The National Oral Health Policy Center and Children's Dental Health Project, is designed to highlight emerging trends in children's oral health and promote policies and programmatic solutions that are grounded in evidence-based research and practice.

A Health Professional's Guide to Pediatric Oral Health Management. This is a series of seven self-contained online modules designed to assist health professionals in managing the oral health of infants and young children

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Risk Assessment Policy and Tool. Policy statement and table with recommendations.

American Academy of Pediatrics. Policy on Oral Health Risk Assessment Timing and Establishment of the Dental Home. Policy statement.

American Academy of Pediatrics website on Childrens Oral Health

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Project Overview and Additional Materials

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