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School and Adolescent Oral Health Committee

ASTDD's School and Adolescent Oral Health (SAOH) Committee's mission is to promote the importance of good oral health practices that improve the oral health of school-age children and adolescents through education, networking, and collaborative partnerships at local, state and national levels. The committee serves as a resource to state oral health programs and others and works to ensure a strong oral health component in all school and adolescent health initiatives.

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2023 School and Adolescent Oral Health Committee Annual Report

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School Oral Health Program Resources

State Resources

  • Colorado's School-based Oral Health Infographic - The Colorado Oral Health Unit created a one-page infographic for their program's newsletter to promote school-based oral health that includes school sealant information. Colorado Prevention Services Division. (October 2022)
  • Missouri's Oral Health Guide for Caregivers of School-Aged Children - This booklet is designed to aid school nurses and others who work with school-aged children in the effective treatment of minor dental emergencies. Although first aid procedures should provide temporary relief, they cannot always solve the dental problem. Please consult with a dentist as soon as possible. (June 2022)
  • Oregon's Oral Health Toolkit for School Based Health Centers (SBHCs) - This toolkit provides Oregon SBHCs with various kinds of resources aimed at: connecting clients with existing oral health services in their area, integrating oral health services into their SBHCs and schools as well as different types of publications around childhood/young adulthood oral health and oral health services in school settings. It was developed by the Oregon Oral Health Coalition's K-12 Committee, which is committed to increasing in-school access to oral health services, advance education outcomes, increase school attendance and improve the overall health and wellness for Oregon's K-12 population.

School-Based Programs During COVID-19 Resources

School-Based Oral Health Programs (SBOHPs) provide a vital service to children who don't always have access to health care outside of school. The COVID-19 pandemic changed how school-based oral health (SBOH) programs deliver dental care for children.

Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Oral Health Toolkit

This toolkit contains resources to assist in integrating oral health into the WSCC model. It is useful for oral health programs, school nurses and other health professionals, teachers and school administrators, community health workers, parents and others who are interested in promoting oral health in the school-setting following a model that addresses the whole child and whose goal is to improve learning and health among school-age children.