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Guidelines for State and Territorial Oral Health Programs

Since the 1980s ASTDD has used the Guidelines for State and Territorial Oral Health Programs to assist health agency officials and public health administrators to develop and operate strong oral health programs.

  • Part I provides an overview of oral health disparities and strategies for prevention. It describes the diversity and uniqueness of oral health programs and successful efforts to increase infrastructure and capacity. (December 2015)
  • Part II is a matrix of state oral health program roles for each of the ten essential public health services. It includes examples of specific activities for each role and links to selected resources to help states accomplish the activities.
    (January 2018)

The Guidelines promote integration of oral health activities into public health systems to assure healthy populations and communities for tomorrow.

Guidelines Assessment based on the 10 Essential Public Health Services
Technical assistance is available for Guidelines assessment. Contact Dr. Reg Louie 510-583-8120.