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State & Territorial Dental Public Health Activities

This page serves as a resource of dental public health activities that state and territorial oral health programs lead, administer, partner, facilitate or support, to improve the oral health of that state or territory's citizens. States and territories have reported these activities as successful within the context of their experiences, environments, and resources (such as existing local infrastructure, practice laws and program funding). The activities are searchable by topic or by state.

Activity submissions are meant to offer a technical support network for contacting resource people directly involved with implementation and to provide ideas for developing or expanding services. Contact information is included with each submission.

Some activity submissions also have a corresponding Descriptive Report in one or more of the Best Practice Approach Reports. Descriptive Reports are a valuable resource for states, territories and partner organizations and offer a technical assistance network of individuals with expertise in implementing dental public health programs. Activity submissions with a Descriptive Report will have a link under the heading "BP Example."

Call for Activity Submissions

Activity submissions from state/territorial/community oral health programs and their partners may be submitted at any time. A successful dental public health activity may describe a program, service or event that promotes or improves oral health for residents in your state, territory or community. Thank you for sharing your success stories.

Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Download and save the ASTDD State Activity Submission Form.
  2. Prepare your submission(s) offline on your computer.
  3. Email the completed Submission Form and/or questions to State Activity Submissions will be posted by state and topic.