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Job Opportunities


Program Specialist – Oral Health

To be considered for any DPHHS Agency position, applicants must complete and submit their application online, as well as upload any required application materials.  Successful applicant(s) are required to successfully pass all DPHHS specific background check(s) relevant to each position.

Materials Required of Applicants:

(To be considered in this pool, please submit the following)

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • 3 Professional references
  • Supplemental question(s):  Please describe your experience managing grants, programs, contracts or projects. Your response should include, (1) dates; (2) funding amounts, (3) stakeholders you worked with; and (4) any oral health related experiences. If you have no experience with above, please describe your reasons for applying to oversee a state-wide oral health grant/project.

(Please type responses in a Word document and attach to application. HELPFUL HINT: When attaching a document, you much check the "relevant document" box to ensure your attachments are uploading correctly to the specific application. Please do not attach more than requested. If you have more than 25 attachments in the system you will need to email these to: Failure to attach the required material will conclude in an incomplete application. You must also keep those relevant boxes checked once you submit your application; if you uncheck the box with an active application it will delete the attachment.)

This position is responsible for managing the federally-funded Oral Health Program and requires the continued work on the Montana Oral Health Strategic Framework (2018-2023). The program specialist develops and administers statewide public health programs in response to state needs and federal grant solicitations.  Responsibilities include: 1) Developing evidence-based public health policies and interventions; 2) Developing and implementing health surveillance and data collection systems to track, analyze and evaluate programs and services; 3) Coordinating program strategic planning and facilitating stakeholder groups; 4) and planning and coordinating program outreach, training and support.

Major Duties or Responsibilities:

Program Management and Grant Administration

  • Develops and administers statewide public health programs in response to state needs and federal grant and cooperative agreement solicitations.
  • Develops and implements evidence-based health policy, and public health interventions.
  • Coordinates statewide planning and partnership groups.
  • Develops and maintains program strategic and quality improvement plans, and performance measures.
  • Coordinates and monitors completion of program core work activity plans in performance management system.
  • Researches and write competitive and continuation grant and cooperative agreement applications to Federal and other funding organizations.
  • Coordinates the development and management of health surveillance and data collection systems to track, analyze and evaluate programs and services.
  • Researches, analyzes and monitors federal and state laws, regulations, and policies pertaining to their public health programs.

Outreach, Training, Program Support

  • Coordinates program support and technical assistance to local and tribal health departments and other partners/contractors.
  • Assesses training needs of contractors and partners.
  • Coordinates the implementation and evaluation of trainings and conferences, and other educational opportunities for contractors and partners.
  • Oversees the development of health education and outreach materials.
  • Responds to inquiries concerning public health programs.

Program and Contract Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Evaluates statewide program performance, recommends policy and/or program changes and improvements.
  • Oversees the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of requests for proposals, contracts, and memorandum of understandings to fund and support program-related services.
  • Develops and monitors programmatic budgets.

Other Duties as Assigned

Physical and Environmental Demands: Typical office work environment.  In-state travel and overnight stays may occur on a monthly basis but with advance notice.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Behaviors:

Required for the first day of work:

  • Knowledge of public health practice and implementation including disease prevention and control.
  • Skill in researching and developing public health interventions
  • Excellent organizational skills, including ability to multi task and perform tasks at all levels
  • Knowledge of program management
  • Ability to provide effective customer relations
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Required Minimum Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor's degree in health science, health education, behavioral or social science, or a related degree.
  • Two years of job-related experience in health programming or health education.
  • Other combinations of directly related education and experience may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Preferred degree in Oral Health.
  • Preferred working experience with Oral Health


Job Position for Chief Dental Officer in Pennsylvania

Work Location: Harrisburg, PA This is a joint position in the Department of Human Services and the Department of Health. This joint position serves as the "State Dental Director" for the Department of Health, the Bureau of Health Promotion and Risk Reduction and supports the Bureau's role as the Department of Health's focal point for the implementation of interventions which address chronic diseases, injury prevention and their associated risk factors and behaviors, specifically through the planning and administration of a state-wide, evidence-based, public health dental program for improving the oral health of Pennsylvanians. This position is full-time, 18.5 hours per week with the Dept of Health plus 19 hours with DHS. The position description and application can be found at: