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ASTDD Publications

This is a partial listing of ASTDD publications and documents. For additional items, search by topic area or look under A-Z

  • ASTDD Roundup - Check out the September/October ASTDD Roundup, a new bimonthly summary of selected ASTDD consultant, committee, project and meeting summaries
  • NOHC Vertual 2020 Special Roundup

  • ASTDD Services - ASTDD provides state and territorial oral health programs with technical assistance, support and learning opportunities to help them build effective programs and systems, and implement environmental change strategies.  This brochure describes the various types of technical assistance with associated tools and resources available from ASTDD.
  • Promoting Oral Health Using Social Media (2014)
  • ASTDD 2018 Annual Report
  • ASTDD 2019 Annual Report
  • ASTDD Marketing Tool 2006
  • 10 Essential Public Health Services to Promote Oral Health Services ASTDD Bookmark (May 2014)

  • Why are ASTDD and State Oral Health Programs Important? This document "makes the case" for why federal, national, state, and local agencies and organizations should support SOHPs and ASTDD and include them in their oral health promotion efforts. (March 2012)
  • 10 Reasons Why State Oral Health Programs Still are Important - Because of recent changes in national and state health policy (implementation of the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion), the number of individuals with access to health and dental insurance may increase. Should more people have insurance, there likely will be an increase in the number of people who seek dental care. This raises the question, "Do states still need to invest in governmental State Oral Health Programs?" The resounding answer is "Yes!" (January 2014)
  • State Oral Health Programs: make them part of your public health experience and future career
    One-pager to promote state oral program experiences and careers to dental and dental hygiene students and dental public health residents. (September 2016)
  • Competencies for State Oral Health Programs
    These competencies represent those skill sets needed for a successful state oral health program, whether they are present in oral health program staff or are obtained from other programs or outside sources. To reflect varying levels of skills, four levels of attainment are included for each competency. Competencies can help states determine where the program stands and what are realistic expectations and aspirations. The competencies were developed as companion tool to the Guidelines for State and Territorial Oral Health Programs.
  • ASTDD Guidelines for State & Territorial Oral Health Programs
    The guidelines were developed in 1985 to provide a working document for guidance to health agency officials and public health administrators in the development and operation of oral health programs at the state level. Revisions were made in 1997, 2001 and 2005. Links to Best Practice Approach Reports and successful practice examples were added to the guidelines in the 2005, 2006 and 2007 revisions. The June 2010 revision includes two parts. Part I provides an overview of oral health disparities and strategies for prevention.  Part II is a matrix of state oral health program roles for each of the ten essential public health services.
  • Infrastructure Enhancement Project 2012
    This 50+ page report reviews State Oral Health Program (SOHP) infrastructure from 2000 to 2010 and the programs' capacity to address Core Public Health Functions and deliver the 10 Essential Public Health Services.  It includes Lessons Learned, Recommendations, Next Steps and a table on Return on Investments. Shorter, targeted versions for specific audiences, e.g., funders, policymakers, oral health coalitions, health agency administrators, will be posted as soon as they are available.

  • "Building Infrastructure and Capacity in State and Territorial Oral Health Programs" - The document focuses on building infrastructure and capacity for state and territorial oral health programs. An infrastructure consists of systems, people, relationships, and the resources that would enable state oral health programs to perform public health functions. Capacity enables the development of expertise and competence and the implementation of strategies. Building infrastructure and capacity is a high priority for state and territorial oral health programs since this will help achieve national, state and territorial oral health objectives.
  • State Oral Health Program Flyer
  • State Oral Health Program Brochure trifold version
  • ASTDD Brochures
    ASTDD has a promotional brochure that highlights ASTDD as an organization, and our membership categories.  There are two versions of the brochure; one is a tri-fold and the other reads left to right for double-sided copying without folding.
  • Synopses of State Oral Health Programs Summary Report 2020