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ASTDD Committees

Standing Committees

Awards Committee - President

The President chairs this committee and appoints two members who are not members of the Board of Directors. The committee solicits nominations from the membership for the Association's Awards, giving due consideration to the eligibility, merits and accomplishments of the candidates. Such nominations are to be approved by the Board of Directors and awards are made at the next annual meeting. The ASTDD awards are an Outstanding Achievement Award to past or current member(s) of the Association only, and a Distinguished Service Award to non-members or organizations. Recommendations of awards must be made to the Board of Directors for approval at least 60 days in advance of the annual session. Normally, the awards are presented annually. However, there is no requirement to do so. The President may also present a Special Presidents award at his/her discretion. ASTDD may provide travel expenses for the recipients if they are not already attending the meeting.

Nominating Committee - Past President

The Committee is defined in the By-Laws. The Immediate-Past President is Chairperson, and two regular members and an associate member are elected by the Board of Directors. The function is to propose and present to the Assembly a slate of nominees for the positions whose incumbent's term is expiring at the next annual meeting, or nominees for positions that have been vacated since the last annual meeting. The list of nominees must be submitted to the membership30 days prior to the annual meeting. Additional nominations may be made from the floor at the annual meeting. The vote may be by secret ballot at the discretion of the President. Installation of Officers and Directors is the last order of business of the Annual Meeting.

Annual Meeting Committee - President and President-Elect

The joint ASTDD/AAPHD program committee will prepare an educational and scientific program for the annual sessions. The program chairperson and the committee will keep the Board of Directors informed of progress on a regular basis.

Ad-Hoc Committees

Best Practices Committee - This committee is charged with designing a system that utilizes not only the literature, but real-world experience to highlight programmatic practices that are successful at the state level. The information is available on the ASTDD web site, and is routinely revised and updated.

Communications Committee - The purpose of the ASTDD Communications Committee is to oversee the various communication activities of the organization. The committee is responsible for publishing and distributing the annual ASTDD report and the ASTDD Roundup newsletter. The webmaster works with the committee to promote, manage and update the ASTDD website and listservs. Additionally, the communications committee creates, distributes, and displays promotional materials and brochures for member and partner use.

Dental Public Health Policy Committee- The committee oversee the creation of policy statements and other resource documents for submission to the Board of Directors for approval and dissemination to the membership. The committee also represents ASTDD and collaborates with other organizations to develop and promote dental public health policy and position statements.

Fluorides Committee - This committee serves as a focal point for issue, policy and position statements and resources for state and territorial oral health programs relating to community water fluoridation and the use of fluorides, assuring that these are presented in all appropriate venues. The committee also coordinates yearly fluoridation awards at the Association's annual meeting.

Healthy Aging Committee - The committee serves as a focal point for healthy aging issues and resources for state oral health programs.

Perinatal Oral Health Committee - This committee serves as a focal point for issues and resources for state oral health programs relating to pregnancy and early childhood programs, policies, and materials.

School and Adolescent Oral Health Committee - This committee serves as a resource to state oral health programs and works to ensure a strong oral health component in all school and adolescent health initiatives. The committee collaborates with other organizations to accomplish its objectives and uses a coordinator and various working teams to conduct project activities.