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Cooperative Agreement

ASTDD conducts projects through a cooperative agreement with the CDC Division of Oral Health. The CA is based on a 5-year plan with new objectives, workplans and budgets submitted every year. The goals of the cooperative agreement align with ASTDD's strategic plan. Most activities are conducted through ASTDD committees and consultants. Projects and reports supported by the cooperative agreement are included throughout the ASTDD website. For more information about the cooperative agreement, contact the ASTDD Cooperative Agreement Manager, Beverly Isman, at

Cooperative Agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

ASTDD initiated a new five year Cooperative Agreement with CDC on September 1, 2013. To view the 5 year goals click HERE. Links to some of the key projects conducted under this cooperative agreement are included under the following categories:

Best Practices Project

Synopses of State Oral Health Programs

National Oral Health Surveillance System

Technical Assistance for Oral Health Needs Assessment and Surveillance

ASTDD Program Review and Technical Assistance

Healthy aging, Adult and Senior Oral Health

Oral Cancer Information and Resources

Fluoridation and Fluorides