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Dental Public Health Activities: Descriptive Summaries

Idaho School Fluoride Mouthrinse Program- Archived Summary

Practice Number: 15001
Submitted By: Oral Health Program, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare
Submission Date: April 2002
Last Reviewed: February 2013
Last Updated: February 2013
Best Practice Approach Example Idaho School Fluoride Mouthrinse Program

Idaho has a very low rate of community water fluoridation with only two municipal water systems participating.  Although some areas of the state have naturally occurring fluoride in community water systems and wells, the rural nature of the state makes achieving 75% of water systems participating in community water fluoridation difficult to reach.  In response, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, Oral Health Program (OHP) funds a statewide school-based fluoride mouthrinse program.  The Idaho School Fluoride Mouthrinse Program was initiated at one school in 1976 and expanded in subsequent years to a statewide program.   The program has been ongoing for more than 25 years.  The program targets elementary-age children, grades 1-6, at schools with > 30 percent of children on the Free/Reduced National School Lunch Program in fluoride-deficient communities.  The program is funded from the Title V Maternal and Child Health Block Grant, with matching funds provided by the District Health Departments.  Annually, approximately $45,000 is used to contract with District Health Departments for local program coordination and $61,000 to purchase unit dose fluoride rinses.  The OHP contracts with seven District Health Departments through their oral health programs to coordinate and conduct the rinse program at eligible schools.  OHP purchases program supplies from a contracted vendor for direct delivery to District Health Departments and schools.  Services are provided as directed in the program manual, Idaho School Fluoride Mouthrinse Program Guidelines.  During school year 2011-2012, participation totaled 31,000 students in grades 1 through 6 at 141 schools.

Contact Person(s) for Inquiries:

Mimi Hartman-Cunningham, MA, RD, CDE, Program Manager, Idaho Oral Health Program, Bureau of Community & Environmental Health, Idaho Department of Health & Welfare, 450 W. State Street, 4th Floor, Boise ID 83702, Phone:  208-334-4928, Fax:  208-334-6573, Email: