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Dental Public Health Activities: Descriptive Summaries

Dental Sealant Program- Archived Summary

Practice Number: 57001
Submitted By: Dental Health Services, Community and Family Health Division, Wyoming Department of Health
Submission Date: March 2002
Last Reviewed: October 2012
Last Updated: October 2012
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The Wyoming Department of Health, Oral Health Program continues to administer the Dental Sealant Program, which began in 1990.  Placement of dental sealants prevents decay on chewing surfaces of posterior teeth of children.  Since Wyoming does not have any community health centers and safety net clinics to deliver dental care services, the program enlists dentists in the private sector to apply dental sealants at their dental offices and subsequently reimburses them for their services.  A total of 57 dentists participated in the Dental Sealant Program, which accounts for 24% of the 235 total dentists in the state.  The Sealant Program targets children, up to age 19, who are not provided sealants through public programs (e.g., Marginal Dental Program, Title-19 and Kid Care) or private insurance.  Each participating dentist uses his/her discretion in selecting families who are able to pay for basic care but unable to afford the extra cost of dental sealants for prevention.  Each year, MCH funding is available to support the placement of dental sealants, which typically supports a 3-5 month period of service delivery.  Often, the participating dentist tracks the children who qualify for the program and places the sealants when program funding is made available each year.   The program covers only dental sealants for permanent posterior teeth.  Participating dentists provide dental sealants and invoice the Dental Health Program for the services.  Once a month, a participating dentist will send an invoice that provides the children’s names, birth dates, and teeth sealed.  A dentist can use any invoice form to submit the required patient and service information.  The Dental Sealant Program reimburses the dentist at $16.00 per tooth sealed with a maximum of $192.00 paid per child.  In FY 2011, the Dental Sealant Program provided $89,440 for sealant placements resulting to approximately 1,805 children receiving sealants and 8,487 sealants being placed.  Participating dentists donate some of their services placing sealants on more teeth than what is covered by the payment cap for each child.  

Contact Person(s) for Inquiries:

Linda McElwain, Maternal and Family Health Section Chief, Wyoming Department of Health, Wyoming Department of Health, 6101 Yellowstone Road, Suite 420, Cheyenne,WY 82002, Phone: 307-777-6326,  Fax: 307-777-8264, Email: linda.mcelwain@wyo