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Dental Public Health Activities: Descriptive Summaries

Burden of Oral Disease in Wisconsin

Practice Number: 56005
Submitted By: Wisconsin Department of Health Services
Submission Date: June 2011
Last Reviewed: June 2011
Last Updated: June 2011
Best Practice Approach Example -

The first Burden of Oral Disease in Wisconsin report was completed and disseminated in 2010. The report includes all of the most recently available oral health data, including data on disease burden, risk factors, prevention programs, education, workforce, disparities, and economic cost. The report was completed by the Wisconsin Oral Health Program staff with assistance from key partners and data holders. Reports from other states were reviewed along with the template from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for indicators to be included prior to gathering data. The data were displayed in tables and graphs along with updated national data and text.

The purpose of the report was to compile all current oral health data in one place to be used as a resource by the Wisconsin Oral Health Program as well as partners of the program. The total cost to produce the report was about $5,800, which included graphic design, production, and printing of 500 hard copies. In addition to distributing a limited number of paper copies, the report was widely disseminated through email and the program’s web site.

The report is being used by the Oral Health Program to monitor oral health status, trends, and disparities. In addition, the data in the report allows the program and partners to appropriately target resources, programs, and policies in order to increase access to dental care and decrease oral disease disparities in Wisconsin.

Lessons Learned:

Completion of a comprehensive burden of oral disease report can be an exceptionally time consuming process and allowing sufficient time for each component is essential. Many data sources are held by other groups and will need to be requested from them. Having good working relationships with these data holders and allowing for sufficient time for the completion of the data request will help to facilitate the process. In addition, allocate plenty of time for the review and approval process. Also, if possible obtain feedback from key partners regarding the report contents prior to completion to ensure that the report is relevant and functional to partners.

Contact Person(s) for Inquiries:

Melissa Olson, MS, Oral Health Epidemiologist/Evaluator, Wisconsin Department of Health Services, 1 W. Wilson St. Room 233, Madison WI 53701, Phone: 608-267-3945, Fax: 608-266-8925, Email:

Mark E. Moss, DDS, PhD, Dental Director, Wisconsin Division of Public Health, 1 West Wilson Street, Room B158, Madison, WI 53703, Phone: 608- 266-5152, Email: