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Dental Public Health Activities: Descriptive Summaries

Minnesota Oral Health Summit- Archived Summary

Practice Number: 26003
Submitted By: Minnesota
Submission Date: October 2011
Last Reviewed: October 2011
Last Updated: October 2011
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Two years ago, Minnesota’s first Oral Health summit gathered together a wide array of stakeholders to create a vision for oral health in Minnesota. In February 2011, a second summit was held to present the state oral health plan, which was built on the 2009 vision by representatives of Minnesota’s oral health stakeholder community. The 2011 summit drew more than 130 people, who had a chance to hear from national and local leaders about future needs and directions for oral health in Minnesota. The day-long meeting included presentations that set the context for the work needed in oral health across the country and in Minnesota. 

Speakers included:


                        Merry Jo Thoele, Supervisor, Oral Health Unit

Edward Ehlinger, Commissioner of Health, Minnesota Department of Health

The National Vision for Oral Health

William Bailey, Assistant Surgeon General of the United States

Marcy Frosh, Associate Executive Director Children’s Dental Health Project

The State of the State Oral Health Plan

Work Group Chairs (David Gesko, Rebecca Fahning, Sharon Oswald, Amos Deinard, Dan Rose, David Born)

Minnesota Cancer Alliance: A Model for Oral Health

Jane Korn, MD, MPH

Examining the Evidence

Oral Health Epidemiology Staff (Barbara Hann, Jon Roesler, Ayo Adeniyi)

State initiatives that support the Plan:

1. Janet Shanedling

2. Early Decision Rural Dentistry Track: Naty Lopez

3. Rice Memorial Hospital Pediatric Residency: Soraya Beiraghi

4. Collaborative Agreement Needs Assessment: Barb Deming

5. Collaborative Agreement Online Courses: Catherine Furry

6. Normandale Community College Website: Clare Larkin

7. Demonstration Projects: Sarah Wovcha

8. Fluoridation Update: David Rindal

Responding to the Call -- Moving to Action

Marcy Frosh, Associate Executive Director CDHP 

The day also included opportunities for participants to ask questions and offer feedback about the new state oral health plan. Summaries of speakers’ presentations, the draft state oral health plan and priorities selected by summit attendees, and notes from facilitated discussions held throughout the day are available on the website

Lessons Learned:

Planning and facilitation of large scale meetings like the Summit take tremendous resources and time.

Contact Person(s) for Inquiries:

Merry Jo Thoele
Minnesota Department of Health Oral Health Program