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Dental Public Health Activities: Descriptive Summaries

Dental Emergency Guide- Archived Summary

Practice Number: 33019
Submitted By: New Jersey Department of Health & Senior Services
Submission Date: January 2012
Last Reviewed: January 2012
Last Updated: January 2012
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The New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services Children’s Oral Health Program “Dental Emergency Guide” is a resource for the identification and management of dental emergencies in the school setting. The guide is printed on high gloss, UV coated 11 x 16 durable poster-like paper.  The guide includes information on soft tissue injury, avulsed teeth, displaced or dislodged teeth, broken orthodontic wires, toothache and abscess, prolonged bleeding after extractions, and fractured teeth.

It was developed in 2010 and mailed to over 3,300 New Jersey school nurses.  The cost to print each poster was approximately $ .48. The Dental Emergency Guide was designed to aid school nurses and teachers in treating minor dental emergencies. 


Lessons Learned:

School nurses displayed the poster in the school nurse office as a reference to aid in the treatment of minor dental emergencies.

  • Due to an overwhelmingly positive response from the school nurses, and requests from school athletic directors, the Dental Emergency Guide was mailed to all (498) high school athletic directors in the State.
  • All health officers in the State received the Dental Emergency Guide to be used as a resource in health clinics and child focused programs.
  • The Dental Emergency Guide was mailed to all special need schools in the State. 
  •  Future plans include distribution to athletic coaches in local communities and daycare centers.
  • To enhance access, the dental emergency guide is available as a download from the            New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services' website at: .

Contact Person(s) for Inquiries:

Beverly Kupiec-Sce, Ph.D., R.N
Coordinator, Children's Oral  Health Program
New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services
P.O. Box 364
Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0364
Phone:  (609) 943-5749, Fax:  (609) 292-3580