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Dental Public Health Activities: Descriptive Summaries

WV School-Community Oral Health Partnership- School-Based Sealant Program

Practice Number: 55003
Submitted By: West Virginia Oral Health Program
Submission Date: May 2012
Last Reviewed: May 2012
Last Updated: May 2012
Best Practice Approach Example -

The WV School-Community Oral Health Partnership is a school based sustainable model for preventive services in WV school settings.  This project is a partnership between the Appalachian Regional Commission ($150,000), the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation ($150,000), Marshall University and 28 school-community partnerships.  Its goal is to mobilize community resources to create sustainable preventive oral health programs within the school setting.  A secondary goal is to establish a dental home for students without one.  With grant funding, Marshall issues a call for proposals from local partnerships comprised of a school, local dentist, and other community organizations.  The school-community partnerships conduct an annual screening and provide preventive services in the school.  They receive start-up funding and are expected to create a sustainable program after the first year.  Success of the project largely resulted in the data collection efforts providing a case for the programs and establishing a base for future measurable outcomes could be gauged.  This model for providing oral health preventive services to West Virginia school children and to demonstrate a web-based system for efficient data entry and management, based on the CDC/ASTDD survey instrument.

With only start-up funding, 13 of the 17 original communities continue to expand their programs after three years.  Of these 13, six have expanded services to other schools with no additional funding.  Some of the key findings are that in 2010-11 there were 5,200 visits, 649 sealants were applied, and 74 children were referred for immediate care. In the fall of 2011 eleven new school-community partnerships began implementing programs.   The web-based data management system allows for all 28 communities to enter real time data for the children that are serving.   Providing only initial start up funding, 13 of 17 communities within WV have established a sustainable school oral health delivery model.  Using a web-based data management system makes data entry quick and efficient, and contributes to developing a statewide database. Due to the success of the program and the ability to monitor statewide efforts, WV has been able to leverage additional funding to hire a FTE Statewide Sealant Coordinator, and additional program expansion funds.  DentaQuest Foundation funding along with additional funding from Benedum has allowed for program expansion. 

Lessons Learned:

Through the call for grant proposals, it was learned that most community-school partnerships just needed the initial start-up funding to establish the program to become successful.  Most grantees had in place the methods and infrastructure to support such preventive programs, they just lacked the initial invest fiscal support.  This support ranged from salary stipends, travel, to fixed and or portable equipment costs.

Contact Person(s) for Inquiries:

Bobbi Muto, RDH, MPH,, WV Sealant Coordinator/Community Oral Health Coordinator,  Marshall, University SOM, WV DHHR 3738 Cambridge Dr. Hurricane, WV 25526, Phone:  304.542.9592, Email:

Jason M. Roush, DDS WV Dental Director, WV DHHR- OMFCH, Oral Health Program, 350 Capitol Street, Room 427, Charleston, WV 25301, Phone:  304.356.4353, Email: