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Dental Public Health Activities: Descriptive Summaries

New Jersey Oral Health/Nutrition Resource Guide- Archived Summary

Practice Number: 33005
Submitted By: New Jersey Department of Health & Senior Services
Submission Date: March 2002
Last Reviewed: March 2002
Last Updated: March 2002
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The 2001 Oral Health and Nutrition Resource Guide, developed by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) in collaboration with the Regional Oral Health Coordinators, is a comprehensive compilation of oral health and nutrition materials, resources and references. The guide is targeted for use by school nurses, public health nurses, health and social service coordinators, and health educators. The Oral Health and Nutrition Resource Guide consists of five sections: Oral Health Materials, Education, Products & Vendors, Web Resources, and Literature. The guide provides resources and tools to implement an oral health program or enhance an existing program. All materials contained in the Oral Health and Nutrition Resource Guide are reproducible. The guide includes oral health materials that are topic-specific for consumers and professionals. A listing of federal agencies and professional organizations is included, as well as educational materials such as dental health lesson plans, reproducible handouts and curriculum resources. Lists of products and vendors are included that identify oral health education teaching aids and incentives for participants in parenting and teen pregnancy programs, dental care products, nutrition, dental and tobacco education products, teaching kits and related materials along with toothbrush vendors. Web resources are also highlighted pertaining to nutrition information and oral health links. A section of the guide is dedicated to literature and includes copies of the New Jersey annual "Miles of Smiles" oral health regional newsletter and resource articles. The production cost per Oral Health and Nutrition Resource Guide was $27. Approximately 400 copies were printed and distributed to the Health and Social Service Coordinators in high-need Abbott districts, County Child Care Health Consultant Coordinators, child health nurses that work in local health departments, childcare centers and clinics, and county school nurse association presidents. A survey conducted in 1994 by the Regional Oral Health Programs evaluated the 1993 Oral Health Resource Guide and demonstrated a positive response from public health nurses and health educators in local health departments.

Contact Person(s) for Inquiries:

Beverly Kupiec, PhD, RN, Coordinator, School and Oral Health Program, NJ Department of Health & Senior Services, PO Box 364, Tenton, NJ 08625-0364, Phone: 609-943-5749, Email:
Jacqueline Tiffinger, RDH, MS, Regional Oral Health Coordinator, Bergen County Department of Health Services, 327 E. Ridgewood Avenue, Paramus, NJ 07652, Phone: 2001-599-6159, Email: