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Dental Public Health Activities: Descriptive Summaries

Community & School-Linked Sealant Project of the Southern Jersey Family Medical Center, Inc. (SJFMC)- Archived Summary

Practice Number: 33010
Submitted By: New Jersey Department of Health & Senior Services
Submission Date: March 2002
Last Reviewed: March 2002
Last Updated: March 2002
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Southern Jersey Family Medical Centers, Inc. (SJFMC) is a federally-qualified community health center in New Jersey providing primary medical and dental services in both Atlantic and Salem counties. SJFMC is a recipient of the Community and School-Linked Sealant grant sponsored by the Health Resource and Services Administration (HRSA) since August 1999. SJFMC administers a community and school-linked dental sealant program in the two high-risk school districts of rural Salem County. Program organizers have participated in various outreach activities to publicize and promote the program. Oral screenings to determine need for sealants are provided by a SJFMC dentist in the school setting. The program then transports students to SJFMC for dental sealant application. Transportation is provided through a contract with a local bus company and the children have dental sealants applied in the fully-operational dental clinic in the satellite site in Salem, NJ. For two mornings per week, two SJFMC dentists and dental assistants apply dental sealants to the permanent molars of eligible students at the Salem satellite site of SJFMC. Consent form returned in Year 1 was 59% but significantly improved to 70% in Years 2 and 3 of the program. A Dental Report Card for each child screened provides parents information regarding eligibility for sealants and other treatment needs. The New Jersey Department of Health & Senior Services has provided consultation and technical assistance related to data collection, analysis and reporting for the program. Funding for the program is primarily through the HRSA grant and SJFMC in-kind contributions. SIFMC received $35,000 for Year 1, $60,000 for Year 2, and $50,000 for Year 3 to implement the dental sealant program. The major cost items were for personnel (dentists, assistants, administrative assistant, and substitute teacher), supplies, equipment, and travel. Currently, the program has been successful in applying dental sealants for 455 students for the first two years that the program has been in existence. In addition, the program has established and strengthened a cooperative relationship between the two school districts and the community health center, provided education to diverse groups regarding the benefits of dental sealants and other preventive oral health measures, referred students with active tooth decay for dental treatment, and provided assistance with Family Care applications for uninsured families.

Contact Person(s) for Inquiries:

Deborah Tracy, Regional Oral Health Coordinator, Southern Jersey Family Medical Centers, Inc., 238 East Broadway, Salem, NJ 08079, Phone: 856-935-7711 ext. 5, Email: