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State & Territorial Dental Public Health Activities

Massachusetts | Current Activities

Practice Name State Practice # Last Reviewed Last Updated
Community Water Fluoridation in Massachusetts MA 24002 January 2015 January 2015
Massachusetts Department of Public Health SEAL Program MA 24006 October 2011 October 2011
Oral Health Across the Commonwealth MA 24007 February 2018 February 2018
Organizational use of teledentistry to enable health equity and prevention MA 99006 October 2021 October 2021

Massachusetts | Archived Activities*

Practice Name State Practice # BP Example Last Reviewed Last Updated
Massachusetts Special Legislative Commission on Oral Health MA 24001 PDF April 2012 September 2001
Coalition Building for the Development of Community Based Oral Health Initiatives MA 24003 - April 2002 April 2002
Smart Smiles in Boston Public Schools - A Preventive Dental Program MA 24004 - February 2018 February 2018
Tufts Dental Facilities Serving Persons with Special Needs MA 24005 PDF March 2007 March 2007
BEST (Bringing Early Education, Screening and Treatment) Oral Health Program MA 24008 PDF October 2011 October 2011
SEALs (School-Based Dental Program) MA 24009 - March 2016 March 2016
* These activities are archived for various reasons. For example, a program no longer exists due to
budget cuts or an activity has not been repeated.