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State & Territorial Dental Public Health Activities

New York | Current Activities

Practice Name State Practice # Last Reviewed Last Updated
Rose F. Kennedy University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities - Special Care Dentistry Fellowship Program NY 35007 April 2021 April 2021
New York State Department of Health's Oversight/Management Role for School-Based Health Center Dental (SBHC-D) Programs NY 35008 June 2012 June 2012
Firstgrin NY 35013 September 2023 September 2023

New York | Archived Activities*

Practice Name State Practice # BP Example Last Reviewed Last Updated
Oral Health and Treatment Assessment Survey NY 35001 - April 2002 April 2002
New York State Preventive Dentistry Program NY 35002 - April 2002 April 2002
New York State Preventive Dentistry Program for Deaf Children NY 35003 - April 2002 April 2002
New York State School-based Supplemental Fluoride Program NY 35004 PDF June 2012 June 2012
New York State Children's Dental Summit NY 35005 - January 2005 January 2005
New York State's Innovative Dental Service Delivery Models Program NY 35006 PDF February 2006 February 2006
Oral Health Training and Ongoing Education and Resources for Health and Dental Care Professionals Serving Pregnant Women, Infants and Young Children NY 35009 PDF January 2012 January 2012
New York State Public Health Residency Program NY 35012 PDF October 2015 October 2015
* These activities are archived for various reasons. For example, a program no longer exists due to
budget cuts or an activity has not been repeated.