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State & Territorial Dental Public Health Activities

Policies: Access to Care | Current Activities

Practice Name State Practice # Last Reviewed Last Updated
Mountain Health Alliance MD 23012 September 2015 September 2015
Rhode Island School Oral Health Legislation, Rules and Regulations RI 45002 June 2018 June 2018

Policies: Access to Care | Archived Activities*

Practice Name State Practice # BP Example Last Reviewed Last Updated
EPSDT Exception to Policy IA 18001 PDF September 2011 September 2011
Iowa Medicaid Reform Legislation - A Dental Home for Medicaid Recipients IA 18006 - October 2011 October 2011
Maryland's Senate Bill SB 590: Legislation for the Medicaid Program and Office of Oral Health MD 23004 - August 2012 August 2012
* These activities are archived for various reasons. For example, a program no longer exists due to
budget cuts or an activity has not been repeated.