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State & Territorial Dental Public Health Activities

Policies: Statutory Mandate | Current Activities

Practice Name State Practice # Last Reviewed Last Updated
Statutory Authority for the Arizona Department of Health Services/Office of Oral Health AZ 04002 August 2012 August 2012
Statutory Mandate for State Oral Health Program AR 05004 July 2011 July 2011
Illinois' Law Requiring Dental Examinations for School Children IL 16012 January 2017 January 2017
Statutory Mandate/Authority for State Dental Program MO 28001 July 2011 July 2011

Policies: Statutory Mandate | Archived Activities*

Practice Name State Practice # BP Example Last Reviewed Last Updated
Kansas School Screening KS 19013 - July 2016 July 2016
* These activities are archived for various reasons. For example, a program no longer exists due to
budget cuts or an activity has not been repeated.